BPM (Business Process Management): AXON iVY

The goal is to get to know the real business process in the course of doing business, to discover optimization potential, and to implement it.

There are different reasons why a growing number of companies are interested in the topic of business process management: to increase productivity, to meet legal requirements, and to reduce costs and personnel. There are many approaches and methods that need to be customized.

Optimization solutions can take a wide variety of forms. These range from organizational changes in the company, to minor adjustments in the ERP system or controlling workflows in ERP. But complex process solutions that lead people and systems in the company along the process and ensure compliance are also possible.

Within its own business area, AZTEKA Consulting GmbH focuses on the topic of business process management. In 2013, the solution area was extended by the provisioning of ION for Infor LN, creating another opportunity for business process management, including optimization.

Together with the manufacturer of the BPM platform Axon Active and other Axon Active partners, AZTEKA provides its customers with a wide range of already developed solutions as the basis for implementing customized process solutions. Portals or process/workflow solutions such as auditing, vacation requests, investment proposals, customer and supplier portals, etc. are available as standard modules and are introduced according to customer specifications. A rapid and cost-effective implementation based on existing basic modules can achieve better ROI values.

The increasingly complex system landscapes in companies inevitably results in system gaps along the process. Many tasks are performed along the process in different software solutions. The ability to integrate the chosen solution is therefore of great importance. With the solutions ION (Intelligent Open Network) from Infor and Xpert.ivy from Axon Active, we have two premium products from the BPM/Workflow area in our portfolio based on the latest technologies and standards. The most suitable tool can be used to optimally adapt the solution according to the project requirements.

Process Potential Analysis (PPA):
Our consulting services in the field of process optimization also include the PPA concept. Using a multi-level concept, we analyze business processes and evaluate the cost of a process. The concept is not based simply on assumptions, but on data from our customers. The weighting of individual departments and business processes, coordinated with the respective corporate objectives, forms the basis for the first two stages. After analyzing existing processes, consultants draw up optimization proposals. Finally, the cost of current processes is determined using specific customer values and compared to the optimized processes. With the addition of the costs of optimization, you then have a transparent representation of potential savings through an actual-target comparison.

More information is available at www.axonactive.com