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Infor LN (ERP)

Infor LN is the leading integrated suite of software designed specifically for project-driven, engineer-to-order, and work-order-based manufacturing companies. Manufacturers around the world use Infor LN’s advanced processes for in-line sequencing, assembly line control, and serial genealogy to build complex products at scale. read more

Infor ION Technology

With the innovative Intelligent Open Network (ION) from Infor, you can now easily integrate software applications from Infor and other providers. This specially designed middleware solution provides a simple, yet powerful and scalable framework allowing you to eliminate data silos, drastically improve exception management and benefit from an unprecedented end-to-end efficiency. read more

Infor ION Experience

Improve the way your users work through the existing applications in Infor ION Experience. ION Experience provides a modern and uniform user interface, mobile support, and features for interactive collaboration. The uniformity of the applications guarantees a faster learning process and better results. ION Experience also streamlines search in the enterprise and provides better search results based on data obtained from various company systems. Cutting-edge features ensure that you always have the right information at the right time: clear and easy to understand, in the office, at home or on the road. read more

ChinaERP – The solution for the Chinese branch

Our Mission: We are a reference partner and link between Europe and China

AZTEKA Consulting GmbH and CDM Tecnoconsulting SpA assist European companies with operations in China. We are able to provide the necessary expertise thanks to our local presence and our experience with many successfully completed projects. AZTEKA and CDM are the right partners for the implementation of ERP projects in China. The CHINA ERP solution we have developed provides excellent support for the entire business processes of your company. read more