Process Management AXON iVY

The Business Process Management (BPM) platform Xpert.ivy enables IT professionals to build a flexible, service-oriented system architecture that can be adapted quickly to changing processes and emerging department needs.

In order to operate successfully in dynamic markets, companies need to constantly adapt their processes to new requirements.

To enable departments to address these changes, IT is required to support processes with flexible solutions. At the same time, stable operation must be guaranteed at all times and investments protected.

The Business Process Management (BPM) Suite Xpert.ivy bridges the gap between business and IT. It combines the application-related and organizational understanding of process management in a single platform.

Xpert.ivy for the Department

• Dreaming of a customized computer science solution that flexibly responds to the individual circumstances of your business – without extensive investment in terms of your existing system?
• Does your wish list include a solution that allows you to take into account quality, deadlines and conditions, and to simultaneously monitor them in real-time?
• Are you looking for a solution that provides you with a complete overview of current activities and the workload of your team, while at the same time allowing you to compare processing times?
• Do you imagine a solution whose ultimate goal is to give you more flexibility in systematically adapting to new conditions or process changes?
• Do you hope that there is a solution that gives you all of that, and that can be implemented and put into operation quickly and easily?

Stop dreaming of the future. With Xpert.ivy 4.0, it has already begun!

From large banks to SMEs in the most diverse industries: hundreds of satisfied customers agree that Xpert.ivy is the perfect solution – process-oriented, flexible and location-independent.

Xpert.ivy for IT Professionals

Anyone wanting to develop software solutions based on Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) automatically has Business Process Management on their agenda. Because although the loosely-coupled SOA blocks have functional “DNA”, they do not intrinsically know the order in which they should perform their task. This requires a graphic process model that executes, orchestrates and monitors the technical components in at the right time. SOA-based business process management and the development platform Xpert.ivy have mastered this range of services perfectly.

The new RIA version 4.0 has made a quantum leap. With the help of comprehensive GUI component libraries, Xpert.ivy 4.0 allows the creation of Rich Internet Application (RIA) user interfaces for SOA applications. The drag & drop assembled RIA frontends possess the usability, event-orientation and performance of a desktop application. The web-based user interfaces can be flexibly adapted to process changes through the comfortable exchange of individual GUI components.

The integrated Process Engine from Xpert.ivy 4.0 is the key to a process-oriented world for your software, and offers flexibility, location independence, technological innovation and design.