SEPA Migration (29.11.2013)

[November 29, 2013]
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Are you focused on the SEPA migration as it relates to your ERP system from Infor? February 1, 2014 marks the end of the transitional period, after which all credit transfers and direct debits in Euro – even within Germany – must be carried out according to uniform European procedures. There is not much time left. And there is still much to do.

Infor delivers the various SEPA functionalities (with appropriate software prerequisites). We have put together corresponding packages for our customers.

Master data must be supplemented in the payments system and the trading partners to use SEPA functionality in Baan/Infor LN. Please consider the lead time required. These necessary activities can already be made successively by your house. We would also be happy to support you with large data volumes and/or tight deadlines using a software-supported conversion of account numbers and import of the BIC codes.

In addition, AZTEKA Consulting GmbH would like to provide you with holistic support. Please contact us if you have questions on SEPA in advance and wish to seek advice from one of our finance experts! We have formed a special SEPA team that is ready to address your questions.

Your contact: Markus Klein Tel: +49 221 5847684-44, or