The application

Mobility continues to change the working world. The private use of flexible, mobile solutions by your employees is growing rapidly. Mobile applications guide users through processes, provide them with the required transaction-related information transparently, and create a positive user experience with an intuitive interface.

Increasingly, employees are transferring the resulting practical benefit into the business environment and demanding more mobility. The ability to work on-the-go in a location-independent and therefore much more flexible way, increases employee satisfaction, accelerates existing processes, and allows the implementation of new, more efficient workflows. The result is increased process innovation, productivity, growth and a competitive advantage.

We are supporting this transformation with a comprehensive strategy. AZTEKA develops team strategies and solutions in an interdepartmental and cross-technology team to make your processes available on mobile devices. This creates process improvements in your employees’ work environment:

Integrated technology concept to map your processes onto mobile devices

Consulting and custom app development for a wide variety of applications, including sales and service

ERP expertise: Business process consulting to make mobile processes optimally usable