The technology

AZTEKA Mobile Solutions consists of a central server controlling communications between the backend and the mobile device, as well as different applications (Enterprise APP) to meet a range of needs.

The AZTEKA Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (AMEAP) represents the communication between backend systems – for example, your ERP solution – and mobile devices. The AMEAP provides each user with access to relevant data and processes. The platform can be operated flexibly, either as a component in your own local infrastructure environment, or externally in a data center as a hosting or cloud solution. In addition to controlling communications, the AMEAP is also responsible for administering mobile users and devices.

Whether tablet, smartphone or laptop: You are free to choose how you use your clients. The design of the software solution enables operation on all popular devices, regardless of operating System.

We make mobile work possible – all the time and everywhere – independent of the availability of network connections. Our technology also enables local data storage on the mobile device to provide optimal support to your employees, even under difficult conditions, by keeping information and processes available at all times. Once a network connection is available, data is synchronized between the mobile device and the AMEAP server.

AZTEKA Mobile Solutions is designed for international use and can be used in different languages.

Your benefits:

  • Short project duration by adopting standard apps
  • Custom development possible
  • Offline function
  • System and client-independent
  • Security for your data, even with mobile access
  • AZTEKA Mobile Solutions software can be operated internally or externally
  • Accelerated processes and shorter reaction times lead to increased customer satisfaction